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Contour RollerMouse Classic 2 Black

2 995 kr

Lager: 3st

Frakt: 69 Kr
Manufacturer: Contour Design
Artikelnummer: RM-CLS2-BLK
  • Join the evolution
    It started here.
    RollerMouse Classic2 is our original and most basic model. It is based on our groundbreaking ergonomic mouse alternative first introduced in 2001. RollerMouse Classic2 is placed directly in front of your keyboard, so you don’t have to reach for the mouse. This central position eliminates tension in hands, arms, shoulders and neck.

    Two hands are better than one.
    Using both hands helps avoid discomfort and prevent pain by varying your position.

    Key functions
    Popular and often used functions are in easy reach. This central position reduces unnecessary and harmful micro movements.

    1 Rollerbar
    . Roll the bar up, down and sideways to move the cursor. Vary your hand movements with the rollerbar click function.
    2 Left click
    . Use the left button to left click.
    3 Double click
    . Get two clicks in one with the ‘one touch’ double click.
    4 Scroll wheel
    . Move up and down comfortably, middle click, and auto-scroll lock.
    5 Right Click
    . Use the right button to right click.

    Made for your keyboard
    Use the keyboard risers to customize the height and angle of your keyboard to find the most comfortable typing position.
    Try to keep your wrists and hands flat on the desk or table. It's the safest working position for your body.

    What’s in the box?
    A RollerMouse Classic2
    B Manual
    C 2 keyboard risers

    Get even more comfortable with additional wrist rests
    RollerMouse Classic2 comes with an integrated wrist rest, but it can also be fitted with RollerWave2, our extended wrist rest, to provide even more comfort and additional support for your forearms.
  • Systemkrav
    Windows-operativsystem som stödsYes
    Mac-operativsystem som stödsYes
    Device InterfaceUSB
    Antal knappar5
    Rörelsedetektor teknikoptisk
    Rekommenderad användningPC
    Rörelse upplösning500 DPI
    Bläddra typHjul
    Plug & Play-kompatibelYes
    Other features
    Mus dimension (BxDxH)51 x 3.2 x 25.5 mm
    Produktens färgSvart