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Corsair Vengeance 4GB (1x4GB) / 1600MHz / DDR3 / CL9 / CMSX4GX3M1A1600

299 kr

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Frakt: 99 Kr
Manufacturer: Corsair
Artikelnummer: CMSX4GX3M1A1600C9
  • More memory for more processing power.

    If you're a serious road warrior or you use your notebook for heavy-duty applications like photo and video editing, your notebook should have as much memory as possible. Adding a 4GB or 8GB laptop memory upgrade kit will allow you to multitask between more programs at once and load and edit larger files without having to wait for data to buffer to the drive.

    Compatible with most laptop and notebook PCs.

    Vengeance laptop memory upgrade kits are designed to work with any PC or notebook which accepts standard DDR3 SODIMMs.

    Optimized for Superior Performance on the Latest Laptops and Notebooks.

    Many laptops — even those sold as performance systems — come equipped with memory that's not capable of running at the maximum speed supported by the processor. If your notebook is equipped with a 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 or Core i7 processor, it will automatically detect the faster speed supported by the Vengeance laptop memory upgrade kit. No BIOS adjustments are necessary to take advantage of the faster memory speed.

    A smart performance upgrade for older laptops, too.

    Vengeance memory is backward compatible with notebooks which use first-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Even if your notebook doesn't use the latest-generation processor, you can still upgrade to 8GB using only two memory slots, and enjoy the confidence of Corsair's renowned service and support.

    Serious about PC memory? So are we.

    Like the legendary Dominator, enthusiast-grade Vengeance DRAM is designed for stability, stringently factory-tested, and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.
  • Minne
    Internminne4 GB
    Typ av internminneDDR3
    Minne klockhastighet1600 MHz
    Komponent förBärbar dator
    Minne formfaktor204-pin SO-DIMM
    Minneslayout (moduler x storlek)1 x 4 GB
    Minne spänning1.5 V
    SPD profilJa
    Fullt buffrat minneNej
    obuffrat minneJa
    Minneskanaler stödDual
    Kylning typHeatsink