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Mionix Musmatta Propus 380

199 kr

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Frakt: 99 Kr
Manufacturer: Mionix
Artikelnummer: PROPUS-380
    The name Propus is directly taken from the Greek word for ”forward foot”. The star is located in the constellation of Geminis. Propus is a red giant star, one of very few bright cool stars visible from Earth. It shines about 2400 times stronger than our sun and has become very famous for being the closest star to planet Uranus. Propus is an ecliptic star and sometimes it hides behind our moon or any of the closest planets in our solar system.

    Mionix Propus 380 is the physical answer to performance, design and innovation. The new developed surface is treated with a special silver-metallic plastic coating. According to test results, this special coating offers optimal tracking conditions and improves the overall performance of the mouse movements. A thin base made of PVC-plastic has been implemented to give the stability from a hard mousepad without compromising the flexibility from a soft mousepad. The backside is made of natural rubber to ensure a steady grip.

    - Optimal tracking
    Unique silver-metallic plastic coating ensures optimal tracking
    - Unique surface
    Fine textured surface for a smoother glide and precise movements
    - Extra wide tracking area
    For sweeping movements without interruption
    - Hard & flexible
    Unique material combination for durability and feel
  • Vikt & dimension
    Bredd380 mm
    Djup260 mm
    Tjocklek4 mm
    Produktens färgSvart