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DeLOCK HDMI Repeater

461 kr

Lager: 6st

Frakt: 99 Kr
Manufacturer: DeLOCK
Artikelnummer: 11403
  • This Delock HDMI repeater can be used for signal enhancement of your HDMI connection up to 30 m. Thereby you can plug in an up to 20 m long cable from your PC or laptop to the input port of the repeater. On the other side you can plug in an up to 10 m long cable to the output port of the repeater which will be connected to your display or TV. The repeater supports a resolution up to Ultra HD (4K) and is backward compatible to Full-HD 1080p.
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    Vikt & dimension
    Produktstorlek (BxDxH)26 x 47 x 14 mm
    Produktens färgSvart