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Multibrackets M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD 42-70" 52kg

2 490 kr

Lager: 2st

Frakt: 99 Kr
Manufacturer: Multibrackets
Artikelnummer: 7350022735101
  • M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD (Heavy Duty) ends an era of bulky and heavy arms needed to flex, tilt and turn. If your aim is to find a discreet partner for that new LED, LCD or plasma in a light weight, super strong solution not visible from any side yet giving you a maximum flexibility then the M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD is your choice.

    The uniquely designed low profile M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD mount fits most 42” and up to 70” flat panels up to 52 kgs. It is very well-suited for those applications where seamless integration counts the most. The M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD is part of the Super Slim Series of fixed, tilt and cantilever mounts offering a slim design without compromising on functionality. Moreover, this wallmount has an extended profile of 260 mm from the wall.

    The specifications this product reveals are simply incredible.

    Super Slim defines the minimal 50 mm of the low profile to wall. It extends to a maximum of 260 mm proving that this construction is truly flexible being so lightweight. Yet still, produced with high quality materials creating a super strong solution carrying screen up to 52 kgs.

    Being both super slim and super flexible the built in functions of the wall mount allows you to optimize the screen for the perfect viewing angle. Wherever you are.

    M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD is suitable for a wide range of screens sized 42” and up to 70”. The VESA standards that are supported by this mount is 100 / 200 / 300 and up to 400 mm. If needed, the wall mount can be combined with an optional VESA extender kit which enables the 600x400 mm VESA standard. This means that M VESA Super Slim Tilt & Turn HD is suitable for most of the VESA standards including the rare ones.

    - The flexarms nest for a super slim 50 mm mounting profile
    - Flex, tilt and turn for an optimal viewing angle at any time
    - Tilt easily to -2°~+7º to reduce glare
    - Turn effortlessly to -20°~+20° depending on screen size to view from the right angle
    - Installation template and tool kit included for simple mounting
    - Built in bubble level for accurate mounting
    - One person tilt adjustment
  • Vikt & dimension
    Bredd595 mm
    Djup50 mm
    Höjd294 mm
    Vikt7,7 kg
    Avstånd till väggen (max)26 cm
    Avstånd till väggen (min)4,8 cm
    Kompatibla skärmstorlekar1066,8 - 1778 mm (42 - 70")
    Produktens färgSvart
    Maxvikt52 kg
    Maximal skärmstorlek kompatibilitet177,8 cm (70")
    Monteringsgränssnitt kompatibilitet (min)100 x 100 mm
    Monteringsgränssnitt kompatibilitet (max)400 x 400 mm
    Minsta skärmstorlek kompatibilitet106,7 cm (42")
    VESA-montering100 x 100,200 x 100,200 x 200,300 x 300,400 x 200,400 x 400,300 x 200