Deltaco DEL-109 power cable Black 2 m CEE7/7 C13 coupler

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Cable CEE 7/7 To Straight IEC 60320 C13, Max 250V / 10A, 2m, Black
Deltaco DEL-109. Cable length: 2 m, Connector 1: CEE7/7, Connector 2: C13 coupler. Input voltage: 250 V, Input current: 10 A

G|rounded device cable for connection between unit and wall outlet, angled CEE 7/7 to straight IEC 60320 C13, max 250V / 10A, 2m, black.
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Typ, kontakt 2Female
Typ, kontakt 1Male
Kontaktdon 2 standardIEC 60320
Anslutning 1, formfaktorAngled
Anslutning 2, formfaktorStraight
Anslutning vinkel90°
Jacka materialPolyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Spänning250 V
Ingående ström10 A
Vikt200 g
Antal per förpackning1 pc(s)
Vikt inkl. förpackning204 g
Förpackningsvolym300 cm³
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